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Digital Adoption During Disruption: Flattening the Learning Curve

If there was ever a time to embrace digital technology for business – it’s now.

Digital technologies are helping the global workforce adjust to a world that is already vastly different in 2020 than it was in 2019. Not only is the business environment changing rapidly, but digital technologies  are  evolving at lightning speed and disrupting the landscape of work, leaving a wave of new opportunities in their wake.

As the current global COVID-19 pandemic forces organisations to reprioritise their operations to the virtual environment and enable employees to work remotely to meet business needs, the adoption of an interactive, user-friendly and secure platform by employees is essential to maintain business continuity.

Software fluidity redefines training

Many companies begin digital transformation with their employees – preparing them for complex software applications with continual training, often provided in different training formats.

In this digital-empowered work environment, most employees must learn how to use various company-related software applications fluidly. A wide range of jobs requires in-depth knowledge and high proficiency using multiple software applications. Previously, employees could master an application as it applied to their job and successfully fulfil the job’s requirements. It’s not so simple anymore. The change in an application’s functionality can happen overnight, requiring must-know-now knowledge for an employee to successfully perform their job.

Guided Learning through Altron BPS and our Partners at Whatfix

Today, employees need a faster, digitally-powered methodology not just to learn how to use sophisticated software, but also to use applications as they relate to employees’ job duties and tasks. All these factors have led to a new training method –  digital adoption.

In 2019, Altron BPS partnered with Whatfix to provide a digital adoption platform that integrates critical learning methodologies into our digital user adoption approach.

Whatfix’s in-application guided learning feature accelerates adoption by allowing users to learn by doing. Failure to use the technology could potentially lead to loss of revenue and market competitiveness. It ables organisations to grow the team’s expertise with real-time training, manage data effectively, control costs and maximise on results. The in-application guided learning boasts the following benefits:

  • Contextual learning – Content is profoundly personalised and promotes user engagement.
  • Interactive learning – This promotes learning by doing, inside the applications. Learning content is dynamic, giving users a better way to learn.
  • Real-time learning – With real-time learning, content can be adjusted to a user’s needs, improving user productivity by providing the right information, at the right time.

Companies are embracing digital adoption because it does more than teach the essential functions of a software application. It also shows how the form can be used in the context of employees’ jobs. The ‘aha!’  moment of digital adoption happens when technology becomes second nature to employees. The value of that kind of employee knowledge is priceless.

Through our partnership with Whatfix, we can provide a digital adoption platform to manage and control the disruptive technologies that are changing the workforce.

To learn more about digital adoption and how you can achieve the full potential of your software applications, request a demo today, or join us for our webinar on the 27th August.