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Terms & Conditions


  1. service provider
    1. The service provider is Bytes People Solutions, a division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd, Reg 1984/003805/07, hereinafter called Bytes People Solutions.
  2. confirmation of bookings
    1. Once a Booking Request Form has been completed and submitted by the client, Bytes People Solutions will send a Course Confirmation Form to the client. This form will contain the relevant course information required for registration, attendance and payment.
  3. payment terms
    1. Payment of course fees to be submitted to Bytes People Solutions on or before the first day of course commencement.
    2. Terms for corporate clients, with prior arrangements, are 30 days from date of invoice.
    3. Interest of Prime plus 6% (six percent) will be charged on outstanding accounts.
    4. Proof of payment must be sent through to Bytes People Solutions on or before commencement of course.
  4. excluded from pricing
    1. All pricing is exclusive of travelling, accommodation and subsistence allowances.
  5. registration and course attendance
    1. Registration takes place from 8:00 – 8:45. Delegates are to complete the Attendance Register each morning on arrival.
    2. Training starts promptly at 9:00 and finishes at 16:00. These times may be extended due to customised courses or by special arrangement.
    3. Delegates may not be accompanied by anybody, with the exception of delegates who are physically or otherwise impaired and/or where prior arrangements have been made.
    4. No animals are allowed inside the classroom, with the exception of guide dogs.
  6. re-scheduling of courses
    1. Dates for re-scheduling of courses should be submitted in writing, to Bytes People Solutions, at least two (2) working days before course commencement. In the event of this not happening, a fee of 50% of the proposed and accepted course fee will be charged.
    2. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or change the venue of courses at its discretion. Should this be the case, the client will be advised at least two (2) working days in advance via fax / email or telephonically.
    3. Bytes People Solutions cannot be held responsible should a delegate:
    4. be booked on the wrong course by the Client or an authorised employee;
    5. be on an inappropriate level or version;
    6. not have the required pre-requisites as stated in the relevant course outlines.
  7. course cancellations
    1. All cancellations are to be received in writing by Bytes People Solutions.
    2. Where cancellations are received two (2) working days or less prior to the course, 50% course fees are payable.
    3. Delegates not arriving for a course will be charged 100% of the proposed and accepted course fee.
    4. Cancellation fees will be waived if an approved alternative delegate attends.
    5. Refunds of any monies resulting from the above must be applied for in writing and will be at the directors’ discretion only.
  8. oracle training
    1. Terms and conditions as per the Suppliers’ standard terms and conditions apply. See attached where applicable.
  9. re-attendance of courses
    1. Based on the discretion of Bytes People Solutions, a delegate may re-attend a course for examination purposes, once within 6 (six) months from the original course date. Examination fees are excluded from this amount and will be charged for separately. Re-attendance thereafter will be invoiced at the then valid course fee.
    2. The delegate must bring the original manual along for re-attendance. In the event of this not happening, an additional fee will be charged for manuals and course material reissued to the delegate where this is possible and at management’s discretion.
    3. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to limit the number of delegates who re-attend a specific course. This is also based on availability of seats and subject to a minimum number of delegates per course.
    4. Additional refresher courses can be arranged with Bytes People Solutions and a quotation will be supplied to the client.
    5. Additional fees for refresher courses are strictly payable on the day of registration.
  10. delegate’s responsibilities
    1. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to exclude delegates from attending a course due to disorderly conduct. No offensive or discriminatory language and/ or behaviour will be tolerated.
    2. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to exclude delegates from attending a particular course due to pre-requisites not being met. Refer to the pre-requisites on our course outlines.
    3. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to exclude delegates from attending a particular course should a delegate arrive late. The cut-off time is 30 minutes after training has commenced, unless an arrangement for exceptional cases has been made with management beforehand. This is to avoid disrupting the class.
    4. Bytes People Solutions cannot be held responsible where negligent behaviour has resulted in loss or damage to the property of the delegate.
    5. It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course and version is attended. The same applies for examinations written.
    6. Delegates are encouraged to immediately discuss any problems with the lecturer / operations manager / branch manager / operations executive. Should this request not be handled satisfactorily, please forward the details to the Managing Director, Bytes People Solutions.
  11. housekeeping rules
    1. Messages will be forwarded to the delegates where possible. Please try to limit these as well as the duration of follow-ups.
    2. Smoking will only be allowed outside in designated smoking areas.
    3. Cellular phones are to be switched off during training hours. If permission has been granted beforehand, a delegate will be allowed (in exceptional cases) to leave the cell phone on during training – calls to be taken outside the classroom.
    4. Refreshments during training – no eating or drinking will be allowed other than the refreshments provided in the classrooms.
    5. Valuables (including course material) should be secured at all times. See Disclaimer paragraph 1.19.
    6. Please note that in the event of a prolonged municipal power failure delegates may not leave the training on their own accord.
  12. course material
    1. Reference material and/or training manuals may not be copied or duplicated under any circumstances.
    2. Manuals and course material given to delegates attending courses are subject to copyright laws and as such may under no circumstances be copied or distributed without the express written permission of the copyright holder or author.
  13. examinations
    1. Every effort is made to provide our delegates with a high-quality learning experience and to assist them in examination preparation. However, Bytes People Solutions cannot guarantee that a delegate will pass an examination and cannot be held responsible in this regard.  Bytes People Solutions cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond its control such as, Service Providers not downloading the correct software or Telecommunication line problems etc.
  14. on-site training
    1. Where courses are presented at the client’s premises, the client will be responsible for providing refreshments and luncheons.
    2. Unless otherwise quoted for, the client will be responsible for:
    3. Supplying the necessary equipment (PC’s / Printers) as per Bytes People Solution’s minimum requirement specification sheet,
    4. Software, server authorisations (log-in),
    5. Training aids,
    6. Preparing the venue and arranging access to the premises for the applicable lecturer.
    7. All travelling related costs, including but not limited to flight, car hire / km’s travelled, accommodation, subsistence and parking costs.
    8. Course scheduling will be carried out by Bytes People Solutions in conjunction with the client, however delegate scheduling and confirmation to be carried out by the client.
    9. Deviations – Restricted access to your systems, supply of a non-functional technology system and not adhering to or compromising stipulated pre-requisites could prevent on-time delivery of services by Bytes People Solutions. In this instance, and where it directly affects project progress, changes to scope and costing will be applicable.
  15. special offers
    1. Special offers that Bytes People Solutions may offer from time to time apply to standard course pricing only. Normal payment terms are to be adhered to.
  16. non solicitation
    1. Delegates and Bytes People Solutions staff may not in any form whatsoever entice, encourage or approach each other’s employees with the view of offering them employment or enticing them to leave the employ of their respective companies.
    2. Annual price review – Bytes People Solutions reviews its pricing annually during February of every year and hereby reserves the right to implement new price lists effective from 1 March each year. Ad hoc price increases due to exchange rate fluctuation and Service Provider cost changes will be passed on as and when applicable.
  17. exchange rate fluctuations
    1. Bytes People Solutions reserves the right to change its pricing caused by exchange rate fluctuations where these materially affect the price of services, exam or course offerings.
  18. room and equipment rentals
    1. Room and equipment rentals may be negotiated subject to availability. A separate quotation and specific terms and conditions will be furnished.
  19. disclaimer
    1. Presentation and/or attendance of courses and/or examinations are subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions, which exclude liability for loss of or damage to any person(s) and /or property, whether or not such loss and/or damage has been caused by any negligence of Bytes People Solutions, its employees, agents, partners, representatives, service providers and/or sub-contractors.