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Supercharge your SAP data with a Qlik SAP Connector

Supercharge your SAP data with a Qlik SAP Connector

Implementing one of the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available does not automatically answer your business intelligence (BI) questions. For that you need to connect the dots says Madelise Grobler, MD at Bytes People Solutions.

The power of SAP as an ERP system is undeniable. That said, its online analytical processing-based business intelligence can be complex and affirmed on an all-AP cube structure. The lack of flexibility of SAP and associated third-party tools furthermore presents a massive challenge to SAP users looking to dive deeper and get answers from their own data.

Fortunately Qlik has come to the rescue. The Qlik Connector for SAP, which uses Qlik’s associative in-memory platform, enables SAP users to do rapid ad-hoc analyses and create reports that blend data from SAP and other sources.

It might be one of many connectors on the market, but Qlik’s robustness and user-friendly interface and delivery make it one of the best and fastest growing BI tools available. It is also a SAP-certified connector, and as such is better placed than any other product to increase the value of your SAP implementation.

Qlik’s range of connectors cover many of the integration methods that are used to communicate with SAP ERP, SAP BW or HANA. Administrators and business users can therefore simply select which connector to use according to their particular environment and requirements. The options include:

  • SAP Reports
  • SAP Queries
  • SAP Extractors
  • BEx Queries
  • DSO/ODS Objects
  • BAPI
  • SQL
  • OLAP

Qlik retrieves the required data from SAP and related systems in a pipeline, and packages it in the Qlik analytics platform.

QlikSense, its brand new self-service analytics functionality, allows users to change the visualisations according to their preference. Now you don’t need to be a developer to build dashboards and graphs that communicate clearly and effectively.

More than 2 000 customers are already enjoying the benefits of Qlik with SAP. These include rapid deployment, flexibility to combine data sources, and improved productivity that comes from reusing SAP components.

The tool works well across industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, communications and financial and medical services.

If you are looking to implement Qlik Connector for SAP, look no further than Bytes People Solutions. Having been an authorised Qlik house for the past seven years, we resell and deploy Qlik, and provide the full range of professional services associated with the product. We also use Qlik to provide our telecoms and contact centre clients with analytics and dashboards.

So if you are ready to supercharge your SAP data with a Qlik SAP, contact Jack Govender at jack@bytespeoplesolutions.co.za for more information.