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Seamless Customer Engagement Solutions

Seamless Customer Engagement Solutions

We know that your customers are the key to your success, which is why our Customer Engagement Solutions are specifically designed to help you to improve the way your business interacts with its clients.

Designed to help your business improve customer satisfaction and foster increased loyalty from clients, our tried and trusted Customer Engagement Solutions will enable your business to extend its brand by reaching more customers on more platforms.

At the same time, our people are not merely there to assist you, but rather to act as Brand Ambassadors for your business. This means they act first and foremost on your behalf, working to collect relevant customer data to which business analytics is applied, providing far deeper customer insight. Such knowledge enables your business to proactively and more effectively service your clients and will thus help you to differentiate your business.

Our seamless Customer Engagement Solutions will help you to improve your organisation’s return on investment by adding value to both your customers and your brand, while gaining valuable insights that will enable you to transform your entire customer engagement strategy.

Helping you deliver meaningful, sustained
and positive customer experiences.

Customer Services

Customer Services

We recognise that inbound customer service representatives are your clients’ first point of contact, which is why it is imperative to deliver positive customer experiences, enabled by highly trained and skilled agents, who can represent your business in a professional manner while delivering world-class customer satisfaction.

Our Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing solutions will assist your business to improve productivity and efficiency, ensure operations run smoothly and professionally and help you grow your business by improving customer retention. At the same time, by outsourcing this service to us, you will free up your own personnel to focus on other areas of your operations, further increasing productivity across your business.

By improving the way your business interacts with its clients, we will not only help you to boost revenue and control costs, but will also significantly strengthen market engagement, improve customer satisfaction and foster increased loyalty from your client base.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales

It is clear that outbound calls are an ideal way to drive increased brand awareness, since every contact is making another potential customer more cognisant of your brand. An effective outbound strategy can also help your business to strategically drive sales and efficiencies.

Not only can we assist you to effectively reach a larger base of potential customers, we can also ensure that you are able to pro-actively make contact with your existing customer base on a more regular basis. This two pronged approach not only boosts customer service and retention, but also increases the number of touch points with the customer, opening up improved opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling of new products.

Business Insights

Business Insights

Adopting a proactive approach to business is a key differentiator in today’s world, which is why we offer our customers in-depth business insights as yet another value-add. Our ability to take vast quantities of disparate data and analyse this on behalf of our customers enables them to focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that we can provide them with the insights required to take their businesses to the next level.

This offering is about delivering key, meaningful information to customers that will enable them to influence business decisions positively. With Business Insights, we deliver a critical boost to our customers by giving them access to deeper business intelligence around the critical trends and behaviours influencing their particular market sector.


Customer Experience Technology (CXtech)

There can be no doubt that a customer service strategy needs to be both accurate and executed with precision. In today’s demanding industry, customer service has evolved into customer experience, which is why our focus on delivering tailor-made, optimised business solutions, combined with trusted technologies, is so critical. We can help you position your contact centre, regardless of whether it is inbound or outbound, to deliver the full spectrum of services demanded by your end-customers.

Our deep knowledge of the BPO sector is such that we are able to deliver on all your requirements in the contact centre technology space. This encompasses everything from the provision of call recording solutions and meeting your compliance needs, to workforce management solutions that will enable you to manage your brand ambassadors’ skills sets optimally. We will deliver whatever technology your contact centre environment needs to function at its peak.

Since a delightful customer experience requires a multitude of tolls in order to succeed, we also offer supporting technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, designed to assist your brand ambassadors with marketing and sales, and to help them to drive and manage leads. We also provide e-mail management and a range of Social Media-related technologies.

Furthermore, if you are running a campaign, you also need to be able to analyse its impact. To this end, we can offer business intelligence (BI) tools that can help you to more clearly understand everything from agent-customer interactions and performance to granular data related to campaigns and their relative levels of success.



In the digitising world we live in, success is driven by constantly improving efficiencies, reducing costs and making the workplace that much more consistent and effective. Both process automation and rapid process automation are critical components of any strategy to achieve this.

With rapid process automation, many simple functions are completely automated in such a way that no humans need to be involved. For example, chatbots have taken the place of agents when it comes to answering the more basic queries that come into most contact centres, and this type of digital solution can be applied across any number of industries that seek to automate similar repetitive tasks, in order to free up humans to undertake more complex ones.

Standard process automation is equally useful in this space, as it allows organisations to automate aspects of the business that were previously done manually, such as the capturing of invoices. In other words, you can automate your processes in a way that will ensure the relevant data is captured, scanned and uploaded into your systems automatically.

Altron People Solutions is the partner to assist you with all your automation requirements.

Altron BPS Contact Centre Academy

Altron BPS Contact Centre Academy

Our Contact Centre Academy has been created to assist with three key areas related to their employees, namely in delivering a better and more enhanced recruitment process; training for the work environment of the future, and career-pathing to ensure they remain relevant to their chosen employer or industry for a long time.

We are well aware that, with the onset of automation processes, a new type of dynamic and advanced recruitment process is required, in order to keep pace with the increasing complexity of brand ambassador tasks. This process is designed to look for the kind of technical, analytical and problem-solving skills needed to compete in today’s digital world.

From a training perspective, our focus is skill for the modern, omnichannel contact centre.
This goes beyond simply being skilled in multiple communication channels, including email, voice, SMS and WhatsApp. What omnichannel is really all about is providing a single view of the customer across multiple channels of contact that they may have used in attempting to resolve their query. In addition, such brand ambassadors need to be skilled in supporting multiple channels at once – such as by handling a voice call while at the same time emailing information to a different client.

Finally, we believe that career-pathing is absolutely critical in today’s world, as many of the potential jobs of the future have not yet evolved with any kind of clarity. Because these potential future jobs remain unclear, career-pathing needs to be dynamic, real time and undertaken with one eye on the visible industry trends. Career-pathing ensure that employees remain relevant to the business, it helps to creates future team leaders and managers, ensures that staff are regularly upskilled via training courses, enabling them to grow in whatever direction the digital future ultimately heads in.

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