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Outsourced Learning Solutions

Outsourced Learning Solutions

In today’s fast moving world, keeping up to date with rapidly evolving technologies, developing expertise for those areas your business plans to expand into and building skills for the future has never been more necessary – or more difficult.

Let us simplify the complexity of training, learning and enabling your employees’ career development, through the provision of our strong skills and advanced solutions. We will be your trusted partner in all aspects of training and learning, allowing you the freedom to focus on your core business areas.

Managed Learning Solutions

Investing in your people’s talent is vital, not only to boost skills and ensure their adaptability, but because such investment helps to accelerate the productivity and growth of your business. When it comes to managing the development of talent within your organisation, our Managed Learning Solutions offer a comprehensive service to ensure this is done properly and effectively.

“navigate their personal career development”

Our solutions afford you the ability to plan your employees’ development paths, according to specific learning paths provided. These learning paths are designed to guide your people and enable them to navigate their personal career development, by assisting them to choose the most relevant course according to their current skills and knowledge.

Provision is made for both online classroom-based training and remote training courses, while a built in approval workflow process ensures that managers have the final say in approving any training requests. In addition, dashboard reports also allow managers to track employees who are undertaking  approved training on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Accelerate the productivity and growth of your business

Learning Consulting

It is inevitable that a significant gap will exist between the current skills and expertise of your employees and the ultimate capabilities you require of them in order to meet and exceed future business demands.

We can advise you on how best to develop your talent roadmap. Not only will our consultants make a point of genuinely understanding your existing talent, but they will also study your company’s architecture and business landscape, in order to clearly determine where you are and where you want to be. Once the gap between these two points is identified, we can offer you expert guidance on how best to bridge this gap.

“develop your talent roadmap”

Once there is a clear understanding of exactly what you are trying to achieve, we can not only advise you around what skills or training is required to enable this, but in addition, can assist you with regard to the regulatory and compliance issues directly related to this. In other words, our consultants can also help to ensure your business fulfils its obligations with respect to BBBEE and employment equity.

We assist you with regulatory and compliance issues

Learning as a Service (LaaS)

There is no doubt that the ‘as a service’ model is finding favour across industries and sectors, and we have thus developed our Learning as a Service solution to offer you the best of this new form of delivery.

Essentially a combination of our Learning Technologies and User Adoption Solutions, Learning as a Service operates on the principle that you tell us exactly what your training requirements are and we will build the necessary content and craft specific training paths for individuals within your organisation.

“we will build the necessary content and
craft specific training paths”

We will ensure we have the correct courses, designed to fit with your company’s learning development plans for the year and we then provide access to the required content via e-learning solutions or virtual classrooms. Furthermore, we will also deliver regular in-depth reports to management, so that you can determine what is being learned and how successful individual learners are at their specific courses.

Training designed to fit with your company’s learning development plans

Learning Technologies

If you are seeking to nurture, enhance and assess the skills within your organisation, it is obvious you will need the right tools to do so. We can assist you with the implementation of innovative online platforms for training and development which encompass a variety of online portals, tools, products and services.

Among our key learning technologies are:

Questionmark: A solution that provides a collaborative and secure environment to author questions, organise them into assessments, and manage large item banks.

Lectora: An e-learning development tool that enables you to create online training courses, assessments, and presentations.

CourseMill: This is a unique learning management system that offers scalability, affordability and ease-of-use. Offered in both hosted and software versions, this solution allows you to deliver e-learning, track student progress, and monitor employee training. It also offers a strong compliance management system with multiple email notifications before or after the course completion expiration date, ending employee confusion over their obligation to complete a specific training course.

Signify: This is a powerful and user-friendly learning management system that enables a blended learning strategy. It allows you to schedule and track classroom-based training, deploy interactive e-learning content, load videos and create online assessments. You can also generate management reports, workplace skills plans and annual training reports, as well as manage bursaries and scholarships, unit standards and general learning programmes.

Leading, innovative learning technologies and support solutions

Learning Content Design & Curation

We understand that every business has its own unique requirements, as well as its own goals, people and organisational culture. It also has its own particular demands in terms of developing the knowledge and skills of its workforce, and a very specific gap between employees’ existing skills and those required to drive the company forward.

Once our consultants have identified this skills gap, they can design or curate the ideal curriculum and content needed for individual learners, and do so in such a way that it will not impact on their daily workflow.

“developing the knowledge and skills
of its workforce”

Our customised, technology-enabled learning solutions are designed by highly experienced learning professionals and can be delivered via a range of platforms – including e-learning, mobile and instructor-led – and are created to suit your organisation’s specific culture. This will enable you to accomplish your chosen business goals and objectives, and ensure that the talent within your enterprise evolves at the same rate as the business and technology world itself.

Customised, technology-enabled learning solutions

Learning Administration & Delivery solutions

Training may be critical in today’s fast evolving business world, but that doesn’t make it any less of a complicated endeavour, particularly when one considers how rapidly tools, processes and even delivery modes go out of date.

It is therefore a much wiser idea to outsource the administration of your training and development programmes to an experienced partner like us. We can deliver the resources to track, manage and deliver tactical learning support services in an accountable and efficient manner, while you focus on the performance of your people and on obtaining strategic value from the training.

“outsource the administration of your training and development programmes”

We are able to provide a full range of comprehensive training administration services, including a shared-services tracking and management system and unique learning administration systems that define relevant service delivery levels and expectations, across the entire learning spectrum. Furthermore, we can ensure high levels of data integrity, utilising workflow management tools to ensure best practices, while our robotic process automation (RPA) solutions help to boost service levels and save you money.

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