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Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies

There can be no doubt that that one of the most important parts of your business is your people, which is why we believe it is critical to utilise technology to empower your employees. Through the implementation of leading-edge software and services for human capital management, and ongoing training and change navigation, we aim to ensure that you attract, develop and retain the very best people possible.

Our goal is to ensure that your workforce is fully and consistently trained and that your people are able to deliver an enhanced and effective service to your end-customers. Our enabling technologies are designed to make it easy for you to monitor your customer interactions, measure your costs and ensure that your workforce is as fully trained and up to speed as it can possibly be.

BPO Technologies & Support Solutions

When it comes to your customer service strategy, it is vital that this is not only accurate, but that it is executed with precision. We can deliver tailor-made, optimised business solutions that are carefully combined with trusted technologies, in order to ensure that your contact centre – whether inbound or outbound – is positioned to provide the services demanded by your end-customers.

We can deliver on all your requirements in the contact centre technology space, from the provision of call recording solutions to meet your compliance needs, to workforce management solutions that will enable you to manage your agents and their skills sets optimally. We will deliver whatever technology your contact centre environment needs to function at its peak.

“tailor-made, optimised business solutions
and trusted technologies”

It is not only direct BPO and workforce tools that we offer, but also supporting technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to assist your agents with marketing and sales, and to help them to drive and manage leads. We also provide e-mail management and a range of Social Media-related technologies.

Furthermore, if you are running a campaign, you also need to be able to analyse its impact. To this end, we can offer business intelligence (BI) tools that can help you to more clearly understand everything from agent-customer interactions and performance to granular data related to campaigns and their relative levels of success.

Monitor your customer interactions and measure your costs

Learning Technologies & Support Solutions

Learning Technologies & Support Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving world, keeping your people’s skills up-to-date and relevant is becoming an increasingly tough task. We are able to make life much easier for you by providing a range of internationally accredited and innovative learning tools and technologies. From authoring simple and cost effective e-learning content development to the delivery, management and tracking of online and classroom-based learning, we offer it all.

Our learner management tools utilise a range of ways to get the message across to your employees – everything from virtual and micro-learning to gamification – and these tools are essentially empty vehicles into which you can inject your own specific learning requirements. We also provide the e-assessment solutions that enable management to evaluate the learning that is taking place, whether this needs to be undertaken from a compliance perspective or is simply being done to ensure the company receives full value for its learning investment.

“internationally accredited and innovative
learning tools and technologies”

In addition, we offer performance support tools which provide in-application training, allowing users to ask questions as they use a tool, and the software will visually help them through the process, thus enabling them to learn as they go.

We know that content is just as critical as the tools themselves, which is why we can provide you with content development services, which will enable you to build and deliver your own specific corporate content. We also offer generic content that is applicable to businesses of all shapes and sizes, such as time management courses.

Essentially, whatever your learning needs, we are positioned to assist you to revolutionise the way skills within your organisation are nurtured, enhanced and assessed, thanks to our ability to implement a range of innovative online platforms for training and development.

Revolutionise the way skills are enhanced and assessed


User Adoption Solutions

When it comes to implementing a major new technology roll-out, be it Microsoft 365 or the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, resistance from those users who do not like change is inevitable.

With our User Adoption Solutions, we are able to manage the new skills that employees require, as well as the effects and impacts both the technology and the training will have on them. We deliver only the best training material and – via content development, in-app coaching and performance support – ensure that your people are skilled up on the new technology implementation as quickly as possible.

Manage the new skills that employees require

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

The nature of the global economy means that your customers can exist anywhere in the world, which in turn means that if they want to reach you, having an agent available to speak to them is vital. We can develop virtual agents for your business that will be available 24/7/365, and have the knowledge to answer a wide range of customer questions.

“virtual agents for your business”

Moreover, these AI agents are able to learn as they go, meaning that the longer they serve your business, the greater their knowledge and the wider the set of customer queries they can answer. Of course, we will not only provide you with the AI software, but will also assist you with building the requisite data set needed to get the AI agent up and running, and we can also provide ongoing support services, should you require such.

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