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Cyber Security Learning Journey

Cyber Security Learning Journey

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Altron Bytes People Solutions will help you train and develop the skills for cyber threat detection and management that will keep your business safe.

Organisations exist in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem. We share information and transact digitally more than ever before. Your digital relationships with customers, suppliers and others expose you to new risk areas that need skilled security experts to help prevent and mitigate breaches.

According to recent research, ransomware attacks skyrocketed with over 17 billion cyberattacks daily. Not only has the frequency of attacks increased, but attackers are shifting focus, targeting larger organisations. We can help you assess your connections, and build an agile risk management framework, adept at keeping pace as your collaborative networks evolve.

Our Cybersecurity Training Solutions

The Altron Bytes People Solutions Cybersecurity Programme provides professionals with foundational, intermediate, and advanced security skills. Our curricula span from Security Awareness to the core essential technical skills and strategies as well as advanced topics that every cybersecurity professional should know.

To understand how effective Cybersecurity solutions are created, the programme looks at the Red (attack) and Blue (defend) team concept in its delivery. In short, the Red team is similar to white-hat hackers ready to attack the organisation’s digital infrastructure. A Blue team is a group of defenders who analyse security measures, identify flaws and ensure the organisation’s infrastructure is hack-proof.

Like Yin and Yang, the teams are the complete opposite in their tactics and behaviours within an organisation’s security infrastructure, but their primary goal is shared between them – to improve the security posture of the organisation. This is realised through our innovative Cybersecurity training programme.


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