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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

There is no doubt that companies today understand the growing need to balance cost and efficiency pressures with the desire to deliver meaningful, sustained and positive customer experiences. However, achieving this can be difficult, which is why there is an increasing demand for outsourced business process solutions. As organisations seek to focus more completely on their core business operations, so holistic outsourced solutions backed by expertise in people and technology are sought as a means to create positive customer experiences and to drive sales growth.

“deliver meaningful, sustained and positive customer experiences”

We have the people, expertise and technology solutions to ensure superior service, whether it is in sales, customer service, accounts or support. And, with a combined Contact Centre capacity of over 3000 agent positions, we can give you the flexibility to enjoy the resources you require, when you require them. Our holistic solutions also take into account the lives that it has the capability to transform, providing jobs and on-site training to thousands of South Africans, who we ensure are sufficiently upskilled and can successfully deliver excellence.

Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing

Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing

We recognise that inbound customer service representatives are your clients’ first point of contact, which is why it is imperative to deliver positive customer experiences, enabled by highly trained and skilled agents, who can represent your business in a professional manner while delivering world-class customer satisfaction.

Our Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing solutions will assist your business to improve productivity and efficiency, ensure operations run smoothly and professionally and help you grow your business by improving customer retention. At the same time, by outsourcing this service to us, you will free up your own personnel to focus on other areas of your operations, further increasing productivity across your business.

By improving the way your business interacts with its clients, we will not only help you to boost revenue and control costs, but will also significantly strengthen market engagement, improve customer satisfaction and foster increased loyalty from your client base.

Free up your own personnel to focus on other areas of your operations

Outbound Direct Sales Solutions

It is clear that outbound calls are an ideal way to drive increased brand awareness, since every contact is making another potential customer more cognisant of your brand. An effective outbound strategy can also help your business to strategically drive sales and efficiencies.

“strategically drive sales and efficiencies”

Not only can we assist you to effectively reach a larger base of potential customers, we can also ensure that you are able to pro-actively make contact with your existing customer base on a more regular basis. This two pronged approach not only boosts customer service and retention, but also increases the number of touch points with the customer, opening up improved opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling of new products.

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