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Making AT-home Contact Centre ambassadors a reality by providing seamless Voice-to-Messaging solutions

Keep your contact centre sales and customer care operations functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the ever-changing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily business operations, there is no denying that employee health, safety and wellbeing are top priotities for businesses today,there is also an urgent need for customisable customer support solutions. Retaining customers is more important than ever and ensuring business continuity as businesses face incredible pressure on the bottom line.

Altron Bytes People Solutions is actively at work with its customers creating plans on how to customise their contact centre operations to deliver great CX in turbulent times taking into account a transition to a messaging-based “at-home” work model.

The shift from voice-to-messaging enables contact centre ambassadors to work from home using a web browser, eliminating the need for complex phone connectivity, requiring high bandwidth connections or a “quiet place” needed for phone conversations. Messaging can be scaled with the ambassador assisting and consumer-facing automation via bots, enabling a reduced or newly-trained workforce to handle more consumer interactions faster. These same benefits allow for rapid deployment timeframes, compared to traditional contact centre technology.

During this unique situation, customers are struggling to reach businesses when they need to most. As Altron BPS, we strive to always be there when it matters.

Let us ease the struggle by using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to deflect calls from voice-to-messaging. IVR Deflection d provides businesses with the opportunity to service consumers who have already dialled their call centre number with the option to seamlessly shift voice calls to more manageable, scalable digital channels like WhatsApp and other popular messaging channels.

Our team of experts are here to help you evaluate and operationalise a solution for you. We remain committed to ensuring business continuity during this unprecedented time.

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