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Innovation Games

Bytes People Solutions has built a reputation for continuously finding innovative solutions to customers’ business needs. With Gamification, the next level beckons.Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing, such as point scoring, competition with others and rules of play, to other areas of work activity. Increasingly more companies are using gamification to encourage customer loyalty, motivate people to achieve their goals, and create healthy competition between teams.

It’s one of the fastest growing technology trends in the world and the steady rise of the Gamification market is not without reason. A study on the effectiveness of simulations and games on adult learners showed that participants scored 14% higher in skill-based assessments, 11% higher in terms of factual knowledge and 9% increase in retention rates.

According to Taryn Sawyer – Manager: Content Development: Bytes People Solutions (BPS), Gamification is the perfect vehicle to shake up the contact centre environment. “In most contact centres, team leaders still use physical leader boards and floating trophies to recognise the top sales agents and to encourage competition,” she says. “However, the reality is that it takes long to analyse statistics and update the boards. At best such manual systems lose their motivational power and become irrelevant; at worst, they demotivate the agents.”

Bytes People Solutions has developed a Gamification portal that focus on career paths, learning and skills development around the professional journey of a contact centre agent. Drawing on the learner management systems of both Bytes People Solutions and their clients, the portal tracks agents’ training and development progress. By incorporating key performance indicators, it also measures the extent to which the learning is reflected in the agent’s quality assessments.

Although the same traditional performance areas are being tracked, Gamification technology adds an element of excitement. Near real-time feedback, and the accompanying recognition and rewards, makes a repetitive job more interesting than a board on a wall could ever hope to.

“An example of the rewards is that when you achieve a higher level, new courses and training options open up for you,” says Taryn. “It gives the agents a reward to work for, while the company can monitor their progress and see who is interested in doing extra work.” Depending on the objectives that need to be achieved, the portal can leverage off social media by, for instance, including customer comments as a way for an agent to earn more points.

The agents do their training through the platform using e-learning technology. It gives them the freedom to complete modules at their desks, during breaks or even from home, as long as they have internet connectivity that allows them to log into the platform. “E-learning reduces training costs, while the positive peer pressure created by the platform environment, encourages agents to enrol for and complete modules,” says Taryn. “Since Gamification makes learning a more enjoyable experience, your learners will actually want to participate.” The increased engagement builds skills and information is assimilated and retained more efficiently and effectively. Application of knowledge on the job can greatly increase training ROI.

A value-adding feature is the fact that NQF and unit standards have been built into the Gamification portal making it easy for Human Resources to submit the training information and claim BPS’ rebates from the relevant SETA. Furthermore, BPS and the client can use the data captured in the system to tweak and improve the training on offer.

Bytes People Solutions plan to develop a platform for each of their contact centres, each with a unique feel and approach that supports the client’s objectives and reflects the nature of its business, accompanied by great design and a smooth user experience.

“Generation-Y is now firmly established in the workforce” says Dr Madelise Grobler: MD of Bytes People Solutions. “They grew up with computers, gaming, and social media and expect these tools to be available in the workplace. It is vital that companies are geared for tech-savvy new starters. Incorporating Gamification into training, systems, and processes will help utilise the skills and talents of new and future generation employees.”

Bytes People Solutions sees Gamification as an important way to help create more employment within the local contact centre industry. When agents are able to learn new skills, plot their career paths and see their future within the industry, they will be more likely to stay.

Why gamification works in contact centres

Agents understand what is expected from them and know what to do to succeed.
Games make players feel successful; they also get a reputation and social value. The same applies to agents playing the sales and service game.
The ability to check their recognition level and reward status whenever they want, helps to make agents feel more appreciated and increase job satisfaction.
Creative rewards keep things interesting. Examples include giving agents the options to accumulate points and spend them on rewards ranging from training courses to duvet days.
The public online leader boards give agents immediate recognition.
Absenteeism and staff turnover reduce as agents are encouraged to only take time off when they really need to.

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