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As an Oracle Authorised Education Partner, Altron BPS can provide a path to the finish line for you to obtain an official Oracle University certification.

Contact us for special pricing on any of the below Oracle University training courses taken before 30 June 2020

Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

This Oracle Database Introduction to SQL training helps you write subqueries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions. Learn this and more through our virtual instructor-led training exercises

Duration: 5 Days

4 May 2020
25 May 2020
8 June 2020
22 June 2020

Oracle Database: 12c Program with PL/SQL

This Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL training starts with an introduction to PL/SQL and then explores the benefits of this powerful programming language. Through our virtual instructor-led trainingexpert from Oracle instructors, you’ll learn to develop stored procedures, functions, packages and more.

Duration: 5 Days
4 May 2020
10 June 2020

Oracle Database: Backup and Recovery Workshop

This Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop will teach you how to evaluate your own recovery requirements. You will develop appropriate strategies for backup, restore and recovery procedures from provided scenarios. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 25 May 2020

Oracle Database: Administration Workshop

The Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop will teach you about the Oracle Database architecture. You will discover how to effectively manage an Oracle Database instance, configure the Oracle Network Environment and perform database maintenance.

Duration: 5 Days
11 May 2020
1 June 2020

Oracle Database 12c: Install and Upgrade Workshop Ed 1

This Oracle Database 12c: Install and Upgrade Workshop gives you detailed information to help you install Oracle Database 12c software. Expert Oracle instructors will teach you how to create a container database and provision pluggable databases. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Duration: 2 Days
Dates: 27 April 2020

Unix Linux Essentials

This UNIX and Linux Essentials course is designed for users and administrators who are new to the Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems. It will help you develop the basic UNIX skills needed to interact comfortably and confidently with the operating system.

Duration: 3 Days
Dates: 13 May 2020

Oracle Linux System Administration

The Oracle Linux System Administration I course covers a range of skills including installation, using the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, configuring Linux services, preparing the system for the Oracle Database, monitoring and troubleshooting. This course teaches you how to handle common tasks faced by administrators. You learn to understand the kernel development model and learn about Linux distributions. You hear about Oracle’s comprehensive solution and Oracle’s contributions to the Linux community.

Duration: 5 Days
Dates : 18 May 2020

MySQL for Administrators

The MySQL for Database Administrators enables DBAs and other database professionals to maximize their organization’s investment in MySQL. Learn to configure the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and recoveries, optimize query performance, and configure for high availability.

Duration : 5 Days
Date: 25 May 2020

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I Ed 2

This Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I training teaches you how to install and configure Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. It gives administrators an overview of the basic concepts and architecture of WebLogic Server.

Duration 5 days
Dates: 1 June 2020

Oracle Golden Gate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle

This Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle training focuses on Oracle-to-Oracle database replication. Expert Oracle University instructors will deep dive into the Oracle GoldenGate architecture, walking you through various product features.

Duration 4 days
Date: 15 June 2020

Oracle B1 12c: Build Repositories

This Oracle BI 12c: Build Repositories training teaches you how to build and verify the three layers of an Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) repository, step-by-step. Expert Oracle University instructors will begin by teaching you how to use the Oracle BI Administration Tool to construct a simple repository.

Duration 5 days
Dates: 22 June 2020

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