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Conversational AI, Chatbots and the contact centre

These are quite possibly the biggest buzzwords in the industry at the moment, as the majority of global organisations battle to find the right #digitaltransformation solution to improve their #customerexperience (CX).

A recent Gartner survey revealed that when organisations grow in CX maturity, “a greater focus of technology investment is placed on increasing customer understanding and delivering accurate actions by analysing data. At the same time, CX programs expand from a core team to a wider group of employees.” As a result, the requirement for change management makes employee training tools an important technology investment.

According to the survey, the top five emerging technologies expected to have the biggest impact on CX projects in the next three years include artificial intelligencevirtual customer assistants and chatbots, omnichannel customer engagement solutions, real-time event-driven application architecture and the Internet of Things.

Based on these trends, there are a few points I will share that could make your transformative journey and #cloudmigration into the chatbot environment a success.

Historically, companies have rushed into implementing #chatbot solutions because it was the ‘in thing’ without diligently assessing the end-to-end capability for #seamless integration, scalability and the ability to future-proof the business.

This is due to the sheer number of solution providers that initially promise the world, but are unable to deliver a solution void of gremlins. How many of you have been frustrated by a bot that has been unable to solve your query? I know I have!

Finding your sweet spot and choosing the right partner.

Most organisations have several business verticals that misalign on their digital objectives, which subsequently frustrates identifying the right solution partner as they end up implementing an unforgiving chatbot solution. Coupled with a lack of execution and understanding, this is detrimental to the business, as customers choose a competitor.

Ideally, when choosing the right partner, the following points need to be taken into consideration:

  • Ability to help you future proof your business for the long term,
  • Proven industry track record at an enterprise scale,
  • Global affiliation or partner access to leverage best practice,
  • End-to-End Design, development, implementation and optimisation of the solution,
  • Strong foundation in customer success management and
  • Preferably a partner who understands your specific industry and technology environments.

According to @ForbesTechnologyCouncil, 80% of businesses claim to use chatbots. Beyond engagement, brands are also conducting commerce through conversations – 83% of consumers contact an organisation via messaging to learn about a product or service, 76% to get support and 75% to make a purchase.

 What happens in the contact centre as we know it today?

The answer depends on an organisation’s people policies, the appetite to #upskill the workforce and government regulations intertwined with Unions. These are inescapable realities that can be resolved through a collective effort by crafting a deliberate roadmap and reaching a collective consensus and compromise.

How can job creation through upskilling alleviate job loss concerns? 

Today’s digital solutions that are led by Artificial Intelligence should be human enabled. They should allow for humans and robots to work together (the Human-AI tango) and coexist in the context of the contact centre, sales or marketing environment. These are key differentiators that organisations should not ignore and should be actively seeking out.

As part of my role at AltronBPS, enabling contact centre ambassadors to work in tandem with robots, is paramount to how we deliver our Conversational AI capabilities to our clients. By building AI-enabled chatbots and deploying them in the context of people, we help clients understand the value of upskilling their workforce for the 4th Industrial Revolution as one of our key differentiators.

In essence, chatbots, AI and contact centre solutions that can future proof businesses and deliver incredible customer experiences through seamless integration across verticals, win the day and the hearts and minds of employees and customers alike.