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Altron People Solutions creates jobs for 300 previously unemployed youths

Altron People Solutions recently employed 300 unemployed youth, which was made possible by a recently won bid which serves to provide support, assistance and information to millions of South Africans

“The national lockdown to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified some critical disasters in South Africa – poverty and unemployment. One of our goals at Altron People Solutions is to bridge the unemployment gap, especially among the youth, and provide them with sustainable employment opportunities,” says Priscilla Rampathi, Altron People Solutions Managing Director.

“We were awarded this bid through our ability to demonstrate how innovation and technology can improve and transform the customer experience for the client. For us, the challenge was not merely in winning the bid but in ensuring that we make a sustainable impact, not only for the people we employed but also for the organisation represented. Winning this deal is a testament of our track record in offering our clients, both in SA and further afield, sustainable bespoke contact centre solutions and our standing as a business. Our ability to rapidly scale up, recruit and train 300 agents and go live within 3 weeks, whilst ensuring that we are Covid-19 compliant was a major factor in us being successful in securing this deal.” shares Rampathi.

The client has a major service delivery mandate to millions of South Africans every month and the contact centre aims to provide much-needed relief as it will respond to crucial customer queries and provide vital assistance and support. Customers can access the contact centre from the comfort of their own home without the need to stand in long queues to get help.

Currently, customers experience restricted services and long queues at the client’s regional offices. Through LivePerson’s Conversational AI platform (that seamlessly connects customers in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Web Messaging and other popular messaging channels), we will reach more customers in their channels of choice; create convenient, personalised conversations and provide customer query resolutions in real-time.

She explained that recruitment and training focused on individuals who understood the sensitivities and complexities of working in the organisation’s environment. “We actively looked for empathetic individuals who will put the customer first. People who exude kindness, compassion, patience and willingness to serve the people.

“Our people-centric approach to business and technology played a huge role in ensuring that we provide the client with scalable and efficient results. The fact that we have empowered 300 individuals and possibly more in the future will allow us to further train and develop skillsets for contact centres of the future.

Training process and methodology

The training programme was designed over a three-day training period. The classroom-based training included both theory and practical application that unpacked the entire product offerings and process training. The Agents learnt about COVID-19 awareness, company and campaign induction training and the POPI Act. The soft skills training covered customer service, Attitude is Everything, communication, voice and email etiquette. There was on-the-floor support, live coaching and one-on-one coaching.

The training was structured across three new contact centre agent intakes of 100 agents per intake with two dedicated trainers and two coaches allocated to the project. The floor space was divided into two sections that accommodated 50 trainees per section. Each workstation was set-up with COVID-19 protective screens between each workstation that afforded each trainee protection during the training process. Each training section had one trainer and one coach that conducted the training with 50 trainees allocated to each training section.

What does the future hold?

We will continue to invest in the bridging the unemployment gap in the market. We currently have funding for 50 Agents employed in this project to enrol in an NQF3 level contact centre learnership programme. This will ensure that they are certified and have access to further opportunities within Altron People Solutions or in the job market.

“We hope that customers will embrace the digital technologies offered by our contact centres. This is one of the most innovative ways of making a defined difference in the lives of South Africans,” Rampathi concludes.