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Altron BPS partners with SAP in 1st for Africa future skills initiative

The largest South-African-owned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions company, Altron Bytes People Solutions, is investing in a ground-breaking, first for Africa training solutions initiative that will future skill South Africans and Africans for Industry 4.0 in partnership with SAP.

 “Companies can no longer deal with training solutions that are stuck in the 80s. They need to future-skill their employees to make sure they adopt the new Industry 4.0 way of working and adapt to the constantly developing digital environment,” says Pieter Nel – Executive: Learning Solution at Altron Bytes People Solutions.  

“Taking into account that companies incorporating new technologies such as cloud solutions is the third highest factor impacting their businesses currently, and one which is ever-evolving, we are now providing a key service offering that is not just about learning. It is a game-changing and dynamic training solution that encompasses local and global partnerships with a focus on optimising business applications used by employees on a constant and consistent basis.” 

Nel further points out that this ground-breaking training solution project is being launched with key partners for the first time ever in Africa.  It will also be only the fourth time SAP will be rolling this out globally.

“Altron Bytes People Solutions, has proven itself to be a leader in bringing electronic performance support to market in South Africa, and has a unique skill-set in this area. These skills and Altron’s experience with SAP customers makes them an ideal choice to be the first partner to offer ‘content as a service’ solutions based on the SAP Enable Now platform to our customers in the region. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Altron Bytes People Solutions in growing this new approach to end-user enablement,” points out Alan Brazier – Head of Indirect Channels and Business Development, SAP Education EMEA

SAP Enable Now is a collaborative content authoring, management, and sharing platform that supports instructor-led training, self-directed learning, and online performance support for SAP and non-SAP systems.

 “The overall and core learning solution is focused on user-centric in-application training that is consistently updated. The key service offering saves both time and money resulting in much greater productivity,” explains Nel.

“For instance, where companies need to implement major new technology roll-outs more frequently these days, which is often the case and is met with resistance from employees who are overwhelmed by the inevitable constant change, we offer our User Adoption Services. This core service offering enables our client’s technology in a way that it empowers their staff.”  

From a practical perspective this literally means that instead of having a physical person instructing staff on how to use the new technology, an employee trains on their own work device while in the application. The in-application training is based around the staff member’s specific role and transactions and they do the training while using the live application. This results in no frustration and time wasted on irrelevant explanations while being trained out of office without practical experience of the application being achieved. It also saves money as no travel, venue hire or trainer expenses are incurred.

The in-application User Adoption Solution also allows for e-assessment as the live transactions enable management to evaluate the learning that is taking place and how it is generates more efficient and effective results immediately and over the long-term.

“In a digital era where cloud apps change up to four times a year keeping your people’s skills up-to-date and relevant is becoming an increasingly tough task. Therefore, we are investing in delivering innovation that matters, by assisting our clients and South African businesses with relevant and up-to-date training solutions that enhance operational productivity and efficiency,” clarifies Nel.