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Altron Bytes People Solutions launches first-of-its-kind Microsoft Cloud Academy

Altron Bytes People Solutions (Altron BPS) has launched an advanced Microsoft Cloud Academy to upskill professionals to be ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital era.

This is one of several investment initiatives Altron BPS has made this year to drive the future upskilling agenda for Industry 4.0. Other training initiatives include the expansion of User Adoption Services, investment in virtual classroom infrastructure and strategic vendor partnerships.  

The Academy not only offers a Microsoft Azure role-based certification path through skills development initiatives but will also focus on how to manage data for compliance, reach new clients and innovate products. It gives participants the practical knowledge of how to land a career in this subcategory of the tech industry and to understand how cloud technology can be leveraged.  

It allows anyone with limited technical skills or experienced professionals to break into the cloud-computing industry and access the complete Microsoft Azure training platform. Through a number of in-depth courses, participants learn how to install and maintain Azure environments – from virtual machines to vast databases. They will also learn how to automate standard tasks, configure cloud storage, set up serverless computing, and much more.

“We are thrilled to culminate the first quarter of 2019 with the official launch of the inaugural, Altron Microsoft Cloud Academy. This Academy is an expression of our ongoing efforts to innovate and bring the physical and virtual worlds together to offer learning solutions that matter and have an impact,” says Igshaan Soules, MD of Altron BPS.  

There is considerable interest by companies to migrate to cloud infrastructure but access to skilled professionals to support this migration path remains a consideration.  “Our partnership with Microsoft for this dedicated Academy speaks to our strong belief in collaborating with strategic partners who can strengthen our ability to help clients adopt key technologies – to deliver innovation that matters. By offering a certification path, we offer clients peace of mind that their cloud migration journey will be supported by a ready pool of professionals and experts.”

Soules explains, “We recognise that many clients have already made an investment in Microsoft infrastructure. The Academy will enhance and build a new capability to extend a company’s existing Microsoft software infrastructure and expertise in the cloud.” The Academy launch comes at a time when Microsoft has made a significant investment in enterprise-grade data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.