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Altron BPS joins Amazon Web Services APN Training Partners Programme

Altron Bytes People Solutions (Altron BPS), recently announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Training Partner programme to advance its capability of delivering cloud services to various businesses on their cloud adoption journeys.

“Achieving APN Training Partner status strengthens our ability to support the Altron group’s key growth area of cloud computing,” says Igshaan Soules, Altron BPS MD.

AWS courses and certifications develop and validate the technical knowledge and skills that are relevant to individuals and organisations that are considering, implementing, and maintaining cloud-based solutions.

By working together with AWS, Altron BPS will deliver real-time training at its upgraded broadcast facility at its Midrand campus. “Through AWS’s comprehensive training and certification programmes, we will further enhance our capabilities and responsiveness to our customers’ cloud adoption needs,” explains Soules. “Cloud technology adoption has become a crucial business strategy component, especially with its incredible benefits – including reduced costs, increased flexibility, and better scalability – which serve as key ingredients for cloud adoption and business agility.”

Igshaan Soules, Altron Bytes People Solutions MD

“IT professionals with the necessary cloud skills are in high demand, and we’re proud to further expand the training and learning opportunities through Altron Bytes People Solutions. AWS Classroom Training courses, delivered by Altron BPS give students the opportunity to learn best practices and get live feedback from an expert instructor,” adds Soules.

Altron BPS delivered its first AWS Certification Training in December 2019. Through the AWS learning paths and certification roadmaps, delegates are able to clearly define and track their progress while building the necessary technical skills to earn their AWS Certification by participating in an exam.

AWS plans to launch its Cape Town Infrastructure Region in the first half of this year. The new AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region will have three Availability Zones and provide lower latency to end users across Sub-Saharan Africa and will enable more African organizations to leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile services, and more to drive innovation.

“When the data centres are fully operational, we will be in a better position to offer businesses end-to-end cloud-based training solutions, drive innovation and increase our training capacity to produce AWS certified professionals. We are confident that Altron BPS will be one of the go-to APN Training Partners for businesses who look to reap the benefits of cloud-based technology solutions,” adds Soules.